simon young on his superb indoor climbing wall
the barn climbing centre - bude north cornwall

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Forthcoming events...

Bouldering Comp & Party 20th Jan 2007

A DAY of CLIMBING and PARTY AFTER at the Barn, (stay over & climb next day)
34 problems 4c - 6c

11am Start

Individuals or teams to enter

(mixed teams) of three - represent your college or university or club or make up a team.




For Info - Call Simon Young: 07944 002 563

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Simon opens account with Wild Country.
Please call Simon about climbing equipment sales.

Simon sponsored by evolve sports.


Call Simon Young: 07944 002 563
Please join our mailing list to receive information by email.



about the indoor climbing wall - barn and silo- bude cornwall


Simon has built a superb indoor wall inside the barn, there are many interesting wooden structures with bolt-on holds, the problems change regularly and many climbers agree that the barn represents a top indoor venue.

The atmosphere is always friendly, encouraging and has problems for all levels - accessible for beginners and serious boulderers alike.

The barn is a true grass-roots climbing community venue, you never know who you're going to meet there.

A weekend to North Cornwall needs a stop off at the barn to meet some other climbers, find out where the party is, get something done if it's raining - have a hard training session or get some local info on the condition of one of our classic North Coast climbing adventures.

Bouldering - approx 150 sq mtrs of bouldering. Problems are continually updated.


Simon has been busy building again, this time in a 45ft grain silo. Yep, it is as strange at it sounds. A 45ft, steep and overhanging lead wall inside a grain silo ! All routes are changed on a regular basis. Grades range from 3+ to 8a+.


Please ask us about rock climbing courses. 07944 002 563


some pics from summer bouldering series september 05. photos by lee bartrop.


the barn climbing centre


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